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Leading Lady

We provide total love, support and care to our God given First Lady. We ensure our First Lady’s appreciation service and other events are outstanding.

1 Timothy 5:17-18

Ministers' Wives

We provide support and encouragement to Women in the Body of Christ.   We support our husbands and the Pastor in ministry and preaching the Gospel.

Luke 4:18

Professional Sound Mixer


We amplify Christ through audio and visual elements.  We bring people closer to God by enhancing the worship experience and sharing the Word of God through various media.

Romans 10:14-15



We glorify God and lead the congregation into the presence of God by ministering through song.  We pray consistently, study the Word of God and study songs as we uplift Jesus Christ and pursue the great commission.  

                  2 Chronicles 20:21                                   



We encourage and motivate Men to grow spiritually in the Word of God with an emphasis on Biblical teachings and

Godly living.

Psalms 1:3



We enlighten new disciples on the basic Biblical teachings of Baptism, Communion, Salvation and Stewardship.  We help equip new disciples for Christian service.  We share the knowledge of Jesus Christ, so they can grow in

His fullness.

John 3:16

Ministries 2 of 4

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