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Our History

On the morning of July 4, 1996, the Lord planted into the spirit of Ranzer A. Thomas, Sr. his confirmation to give birth to New Generation Missionary Baptist Church. God laid the Foundation and Vision for the New Generation Missionary Baptist Church and told Pastor Thomas the church would be “The Joy of Many Generations.”


On Friday, July 19, 1996, Pastor Thomas informed his former church of his resignation, confirming his last day as Sunday, July 21, 1996. On July 23, 1996, at the home of Pastor and Sis. Rhonda Thomas, an organizational meeting was held. During the meeting, Pastor Thomas stated that New Generation would be a Biblical-based church, and his orders would come from God. Pastor Thomas also stated that the foundation of New Generation was very important, and he would seek God’s Divine Guidance in all decisions.


That night, thirty-four people became members of New Generation Missionary Baptist Church, with the offering exceeding $1,000. Surely God’s hand was upon the baby church family.


The First Sunday of Worship for the New Generation MBC family was held on July 28, 1996, the service was held in the auditorium of John F. Kennedy Middle School. What a day to remember! People were excited and over twenty more souls were added to the Church. The theme song was “God Has Smiled On Us.” The first message preached by Pastor Thomas that Sunday was from Isaiah 61:1-4 entitled, “To God Be the Glory.”


After the 11:00 a.m. service, Pastor Thomas rejoiced in knowing that the Spiritual birth of New Generation was a blessed and healthy one. Membership now exceeded fifty-five. From the first year to the present day, many spirit-filled and exciting worship services have taken place:


  • The congregation witnessed the presence and power of God fall afresh upon the church during the first Seven Day Prayer and Preaching Vigil.


  • The 1st Annual Youth Conference was held at the Park Plaza Hotel with the anointed Minister Douglas Gunby, Youth Pastor of Green Pastures Church in Atlanta, Georgia officiating. Minister Gunby will walk in history with New Generation.


  • The 1st and 7th Women’s Conferences were truly a blessing from God. Anointed women Evangelist Flora Ross-Beason, Pastor Wendy Smith, Evangelist Bernayl Campbell, Pastor Cynthia Bethel, Minister Esther Johnson, Evangelist Felicia Whipple and many more participated and attended.


During the first seven years, God allowed New Generation to fellowship with powerful people of God, such as Bishop Victor T. Curry, Bishop Derek Triplet, Bishop Carlos Malone, Minister Bernard Woods, Pastor Richard P. Dunn, Dr. Jerome Symonette, Prophetess Felicia Bratton, Elder Vikki Johnson, Minister Nakita Stephens, Rev. Frances Floyd McCray, Pastor Carl Johnson and many more.


Several churches were led by God to sow seeds into New Generation:

On September 22, 2006, God allowed the close of the real estate deal that brought New Generation to its current Multi-Purpose Church Campus. This was a day of great excitement and joy.


February 27, 2007 marks the dedication celebration of New Generation Missionary Baptist Church. The churches below will always be a part of this historic occasion:


The New Generation MBC Family continues to experience God's blessings. For an entire look at our history, email us for more information.

  • Bishop Victor T. Curry          

  • Bishop Carlos Malone

  • Pastor Arthur Jackson III

  • Pastor Artis Perkins

  • Pastor Gregory Williams                 

New Birth Baptist Cathedral

Bethel Baptist Church

Antioch of Miami Gardens

Valley Grove Baptist Church

Holy Faith M.B. Church

Miami, FL

Richmond Heights, FL

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

  • Pastor Johnny Barber

  • Pastor Richard P. Dunn

  • Rev. Joe C. Johnson

  • Pastor Arthur Jackson III

  • Prophetess Felicia Bratton             

  • Pastor Helen McPhee                     

  • Bishop Carlos L. Malone               

  • Pastor D.L. Powell

  • Pastor Jimmye Larkin                    

  • Pastor Gaston Smith

  • Pastor Douglas Cook 

  • Pastor Gregory Williams

  • Pastor Alfonso Jackson, Sr.  

Mt. Sinai MB Church

Cathedral of Hope

Ebenezer MB Church

Antioch of Miami Gardens

New Birth Baptist Church

Agape FG Baptist Church 

Bethel FG Baptist Church

New Shiloh MB Church

Fellowship Christian Center

Friendship Baptist Church

Jordan Gove MB Church

Holy Faith Baptist Church

Second Baptist Church

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Hallandale, FL

Miami, FL

Atlanta, GA

Nassau, Bahamas

Richmond Heights, FL

Miami, FL

Opa Locka, FL

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Richmond Heights, FL

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